PREACT Retail Insight

Get on top of your sales and customer data and make your retail business more successful.

Get insights and value from your retail data

At PreAct we have years of experience working with both retail and data, meaning that we know what is critical for your business, and which insights you need to operate, optimize and develop a modern retail business. We call this ‘PreAct Retail Insight’ – a set of retail specific insight solutions made to support your management and employees in their daily decision making.

Combine your data in a single solution

As a retailer you have plenty of data from various different sources like Point-of-sale systems, ERP systems, Marketing Automation Systems, etc. But you might not have the time or skills to extract those data and convert them into important insights that can support your business-critical decisions.
With PREACT Retail Insight solution we help you combine data from your various systems, and report them to your employees in state-of-the-art dashboard solutions.
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