PREACT Retail Insight

Make insight better. Faster. Simple.

We have created a range of strong Power BI dashboards that are specifically customized for retailers and their exact reporting and analytical needs. These reports will bring overview and decision support to your employees when they need it. On their move or at the office - doesn't matter. Everything is optimized for mobile access and with an outstanding user interface.
Start your BI data journey in weeks, with our simple setup.

make better decisions with our

Standard Insight Dashboards

From years of working with data in the retail industry, we have constructed a range of different Dashboard Solutions targeting common retail roles as Store Managers, Merchandise Planners, Retail Managers, Supply Chain Analysts, etc.
These reports can be implemented on your own data in days, and afterwards adjusted to fit the specific analytical needs in your organisation. In this way your will be able to kick-start your data project, and save both time and money compared to comparable BI vendors.


PREACT Retail Insight gives you sophisticated insights to help both management & operations focus on the right things

Easy-to-user Interface

A seamless, easy-to-use interface lets your employees access relevant data and visualizations in just a few clicks, and setup e-mail notifications on their most urgent insight needs.

One Set of Numbers

With a state-of-the art datamodel, you will not be spending time discussing which version of the numbers are correct. You will have just one set of numbers.


Naturally, PREACT Retail Insight is accessible from all locations and with your employees preferred devices (desktops, tablets and smartphones)

Excel Data Access

Certain employees will have the need to integrate the data into Excel, to work further with them. PREACT Retail Insight has an out-of-the box integration between the datamodel, the dashboards and Excel.

Industry Best Practice

Build from years of Industry experience, the solution utilizes Industry Standards and Best Practices to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Drill-down Functionality

Drill down on specific meaures to investigate the nature of each KPI and which underlying drivers that has had the highest impact on the KPI.

Configuration & Customization

PREACT Retail Insight will be configured to integrate seamlessly to your existing systems leveraging your POS System, Customer Club Database, finance, etc.

Fast Implementation

Where normal BI projects typically takes between 4-6 months, PREACT Retail Insight will be implemented in weeks. This is due to the fact, that we know your line of business and has prepared both data model and dashboards in advance.

Robust Technology

PREACT Retail Insight is based on robust, market leading technologies from Microsoft. This means that reliability, security, e.g., is ‘Best In Class’.