Power BI development

Get on top of your data with Microsoft Power BI

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft's market-leading data visualisation tool. With Power BI you can easily connect to your organisations data and start making reports and dashboards to distribute to the organisation.
Why choose Microsoft Power BI?
Power BI has a range of features and advantages that brings instant value to users across the organisation.

Easy-to-user Interface

Power BI’s easy-to-use interface lets you employees connect to and analyse data, even if you are not familiar with data visualisation tools and techniques.

From data to insight in minutes

You can literally go through the entire process of signing up for Power BI, connecting to data, visualise your data and publish to the users in minutes. Business Intelligence has never been faster.

Connect to all sources

Easily connect to all kind of data sources: ERP systems, Excel sheets, Facebook, Google Analytics, Data Warehouses, etc.

Low cost

All you need to start your Power BI journey is a $ 9,99 user licens. No big enterprise licenses or server installation to get started. Just a single user license and you are there.

Share across devices

Power BI can be used both from your PC/Laptop and from the Power BI app on tablets and smartphones.

Self-service Business Intelligence

Power BI lets you analyse your data when you need to – without having to wait for the consultants or the Data Scientists. You are in control.
Work with experienced Power BI consultants
Our consultants have years of experience implementing Power BI for both small companies and big enterprises. We can guide you through the entire process of defining your needs, integrating your data sources, building your data models, visualising your data and training your users.

We have a range of industry specific Power BI reports that we can connect to your datasources to get you up and running in no ti

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