SQL & Data Warehouse

Organize your data in a modern data architecture

What is Data Warehousing?

A data warehouse is a system that extract, transforms and organise your source data into a well-structured dimensional data-model, ready to be used in other sytems such as dashboard solutions (Power BI, Qlik Sense, etc.), Planning software, websites or just directly in Excel or other similar tools.
Why build a data warehouse solution?
A well designed data warehouse will enhance your organisations analytical capabilities, and will add instant value to the organisation:

One version of the numbers

Avoid spending time on discussing which numbers are correct, by promoting one version of the numbers from one central data model.

A scalable data platform

A modern data warehouse is fully scalable and allows you too plan big, yet start small.

Cross functional analytics capabilities

Applications and users across the organisation can easily connect to all your organized data.

Consolidated view

The data warehouse allows you to consolidate the data from all your source systems into a single, governt data model.

Centralized data security

The data warehouse allow you to have a central row-level-security model across the organisation.

Reliability & performance

A Micorsoft data warehouse solution has a high, flexible performance, allowing you to scale up and down when needed.
Work with experienced SQL and Data Warehouse consultants.
Our consultants have years of experience implementing Data Warehouse solutions based on Microsoft technology. Using best practices methology and modern technology we can guide you through the entire process of defining your needs, integrating your data source and building your centralized data models.

We have a range of pre-configured Data Warehouse solutions, build with focus on specific industries and source systems, allowing you to get you up and running in no time.

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