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Industry Knowledge

We cut the time-consuming startup-process, since we already possess in-depth knowledge about the challenges in your industry.

Fast Implementation

We provide industry-tailored solutions with fast implementation, so you quickly will experience value and progress.

Better Decisions

We bring business data into eyeheight and give you the best tool to make better decisions and predictions for the future.
About Us

At PREACT we believe that data is the gold of your business.

We provide industry-tailored Business Intelligence-solutions based on best practices. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, we offer you profound insight into the core of your business.

Microsoft Power BI

Micorsoft Power BI is the market leading software solution for dashboarding and Self-Service Business Intelligence.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsofts cloud computing platform, providing a modern data platform and a range of tools to be used for data load, data cleansing and transformation, machine learning, etc.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a modern insight discovery tool that allow the end users to build their own business intelligence applications from a user interface that everyone can use.


QlikView is a business discovery platform that provides the business users with Self-service BI and guided analytics opportunities, and with a wide range of build in ETL possibilities.
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